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About Us


Carl ZealerNowstalgic Toys was founded by Carl Zealer in 2004. Carl started selling the product, Squirmles; a popular toy from the 1970's, at flea markets and fairs. He realized the potential of selling "pocket money toys" but the issue he ran into was that he could not replicate himself, and there was only so much he could demo. Carl decided it was time to develop a solution. He came out with his first prototype of a "view box" - an acrylic screen display that would play video off an SD card and would fit next to the cash register.

Nowstalgic Toys HQToday, Nowstalgic Toys carries over 15 TV impulse products, and have multiple display options, including the newly released "Instoremercial" device, which clips to the front peg hooks, plays without a power cord, and will display the product commercials over 1,500 times before ever having to change out the batteries. Nowstalgic Toys products as well as Instoremercial Displays can be found in major retail chains all over the united States.

Affordable toys and innovative displays have proven effective and continue to gvie Nowstalgic Toys recognition and continuous growth.

"Remaining a kid at heart.....that's the key to success!"